Rules, Disclaimers, boring stuff

General Contest Rules

By tagging Mission House Coffee in a social media post as part of a contest you are granting us permission to utilize your post within our own social media pages. Why tag if you don't want it shared?

This means reserve the right to re-post, share, add to our story, or use on our website any post related to an entry to a contest. AKA, if we ask you to take a picture and tag us, we may use that picture to help us advertise without paying/compensating you in any way.

We also reserve the right to change contest rules as necessary at any time. All changes will be made public and come into effect immediately upon this publication.

Contests, prizes, and value of prizes may vary by location. Check with that particular contest or contact the store if you want to know if that location is participating. 

Any post that contains any inappropriate message will be deleted and not eligible to enter our contest. Keep it clean, keep it positive. 


Any FREE DRINK won will typically have an expiration date of one month from the time you receive it. All FREE DRINKS will be a voucher for a drink worth up to $5. The entire voucher credit must be used at one time (ex. a drink purchased with a FREE DRINK voucher of $2.75 would use the entire voucher).

A FREE WEEK or FREE MONTH of drinks offer will be redeemable as Seven (7) or Thirty (30) drinks respectively.

Gift Cards are not redeemable for cash, and will not be replaced if lost/stolen.

Any entrees that are not completed in their entirety will not be processed or included, and will not be eligible to receive prizes.

Prizes will be awarded based on availability. If the prize advertised is not available, we will make sure to give you something of equal or greater value. 

Any questions can be e-mailed in to: