Who is mission house coffee?

So much more than just coffee...


Mission House Coffee LLC was founded in August of 2018 by Tommy Clark and his wife, Amanda. Tommy has had the dream for years of owning a coffee shop that could be focused on serving the community and showing love to all. After several different business plans and ideas, he was presented the opportunity to purchase a business in the mall. Tommy and Amanda took the risk of putting everything they have into this business, knowing that if it is God’s will, it will succeed. It has not only been successful for the last year, but has experienced considerable growth! Mission House Coffee is dedicated to being a place that is known not just for it’s delicious coffee and baked goods, but for the way we care about the people we serve. 

What Makes Us Different?

- Our baristas carefully craft your drinks. Instead of pushing a button, we take the time to make sure our espresso and coffee is the best it can be. 

- We are committed to giving back. We coordinate with local non-profit organizations to help raise funds and awareness for the needs of Lynchburg. When the community succeeds, we all succeed.

- Whenever possible, we use local businesses and individuals to provide our goods. We want to make sure we support those who matter most to you!

- We don't just want to serve our guests, but get to know them. What is important to you is important to us.